Deciphering a hidden secret of life and disease

Deciphering a hidden
secret of life and disease

Discovering new drugs based on deep understanding of
life and the complex systems.

Our first goal is to understand the basic phenomena of life and the principles of disease development. Particularly, our research focuses on each process of cancer metastasis. It includes how cancer is initially formed, how circulating tumor cells are disseminated, how a few types of cancer metastasize into the brain, how cancer stem cells invade into blood vessele, and so on. We are on our way to reaching a deeper understanding through various patient-derived big data analysis and cutting-edge molecular cell biology techniques.

Discovering and
developing the cure.

Beyond curiosity about life and disease, under the cherish on human and the world.

With warm humanity, we are endeavoring to make new medicine to contribute to human health. Anticancer drugs and cancer taming drugs are being developed by us and a few are near in the stage of realization.

We are accelerating the development of new drugs through joint research with various research groups, hospitals and companies. We are also exploring new targets for drugs and linking them directly to therapeutic agents.